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I was initially planning on being a casual fan, but then I thought, why not just let it consume my soul instead? 

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Having an anxiety disorder is like that moment where your chair almost tips or you miss a step going down the stairs but it never stops

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Supernatural meme: [1/3 favorite characters] ↴

This is why. This book. This is Dad’s single most valuable possession. Everything he knows about every evil thing is in here. And he’s passed it on to us. I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.

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moment of silence for all my wasted potential

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dean meme: four reoccuring themes [1/4] » dean + eating his words

List of things and people I enjoy [1/10] Fictional Characters
Dean Winchester, Supernatural

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i’m genuinely concerned that no one will fall in love with me

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Guardians of the Galaxy Character posters.

Including my favourite quotes from Peter Quill (AKA Star Lord), Gamora, Groot, Rocket and Drax the Destroyer.

by Traffikcone

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